3rd Congressional District candidate Brett Kokinadis meets with top Trump advisor

Santa Fe, NM – The Trump campaign has its eye on New Mexico and the president’s deputy political director Jim O’Connell today met with 3rd Congressional District candidate Brett Kokinadis to discuss expanding the map in 2020.“I appreciate the opportunity to meet with Mr. O’Connell, who agrees with my message of uniting New Mexicans, regardless of party affiliation, to address critical issues at home,” said Kokinadis.  “The Trump campaign believes many Democrats are becoming frustrated at the relentless attacks against Republicans which are keeping us from resolving issues that truly matter here at home.”

Kokinadis, who announced his candidacy last month, is in Washington, D.C. this week to network with potential U.S. House colleagues and advisors.  Since joining the race, Kokinadis has hit the ground running, meeting with Republican Party leaders, county parties, and various associations across the state to share his message of unity.

“I believe New Mexico Democrats are on par with conservative values and are generally unhappy with the blue wave that swept Democrats to power in Congress and lead to more gridlock,” said Kokinadis.

“Many constituents have also told me they feel disenfranchised by the border crisis that is diverting valuable resources that would be better served improving services for our citizens, like children, veterans, and the homeless,” he said.

Kokinadis and O’Connell agreed to continue a dialog and keep the lines of communication open with the Trump camp as Kokinadis’ campaign progresses.


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