The Only Gay Tech Republican Congressional Candidate Endorses Trump for 2020


Albuquerque , NM — Brett Kokinadis, the only gay tech Republican Congressional Candidate, endorses Trump for 2020 and is running against Rep. Deb Haaland in New Mexico’s first congressional district.

“Rep. Deb Haaland endorsed Elizabeth Warren for President. Who a candidate endorses for President says a lot about them. Democrats may not like the President and want to continue to work against him instead of focusing on the work that needs to get done. It’s hard to argue with the President’s success.”, said Kokinadis.

Kokinadis was not always a fan of the President and was called out for his old tweets against the President.

“Before I was a candidate, I fell into the trap of the Democratic mantra, just like many others have. I owned them, walked away, and apologized in a hand-delivered note to the President. I’ve become a supporter of the President financially and politically because he’s right on many of the issues – particularly those impacting New Mexico families at the border and economically.”, Kokinadis said.

“Twenty-three Democratic candidates are running for President – Rep. Halaand endorsing Elizabeth Warren is just another example of identity politics. Warren’s past claims of Native American ancestry I guess is enough for the first Native American Indian Women elected to Congress to endorse her. I’m honored to stand with and endorse the President for 2020.”, he stated.


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