Kokinadis drops out of the race for CD3, files to challenge Debra Haaland

Brett Kokinadis announced Tuesday he would forgo a shot at the open northern New Mexico congressional seat and instead set his sites on the 1st Congressional District, currently held by Rep. Debra Haaland.
“I know others have announced on the Republican ticket in CD3, and I’m certain more will. It’s important that we show unity within the Republican party and have strong candidates in each race to offer voters an alternative to the reckless ultra-progressive agendas.”, Kokinadis said.
Kokinadis caught the eye of state and national Republican Party leaders when he announced at the end of April that he was running for CD3 as a newly registered Republican.
Kokinadis has been networking with party leadership, organizations across the state, and with national-level advisors. Washington D.C. Republicans are taking an interest in Kokinadis. Recently he was invited by the President’s Committee and attended President Donald Trump’s special event in Milwaukee, WI last week where he met with former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Thomas S. Ricketts Chairman of the Chicago Cubs and presidential staffers who delivered his letter to the President.
“I was encouraged by state and national Republican Party leaders to take on Deb Haaland,” said Kokinadis. “Haaland has dropped the ball by not addressing the key issues that truly impact families here at home such as solid immigration and border security plans, sound approaches to health care and drug costs, real solutions to the opioid crisis and helping small business all which rest in the hands of Congress. It appears Haaland is more focused on past issues and taking credit for other people’s efforts rather than focusing on affecting real change that impacts all New Mexicans.”
“Social media has taught us one thing, Democrats will continue to wave the promise of free, free, free to try and win your vote, but nothing is ever free. If you don’t align 100% with their agendas and mantras you’re not just wrong, they’ll tell you-you’re a bad person. I think people are pretty tired of that.”, said Kokinadis
Brett Kokinadis is an entrepreneur and founder of New Mexico Democrats for Democracy. He gained widespread attention during the 2018 election cycle and came under heavy scrutiny for holding candidates of all parties accountable to their respective platforms and vision for New Mexico’s future.
“Imagine Brett for Congress,” he says, “is a campaign for all New Mexicans, especially those who feel alienated by both parties and are tired of party rhetoric and mantras.
  • Debbie MItchell says:

    Well, I tried you’re “” email address and it doesn’t work. Let me try here:


    I was looking at your website and am totally confused.

    Where do you live? If you’re in Santa Fe, how can you run for the CD1 seat against Haaland?

    And then, it shows that you’re running for CD3 – but then not because you’re doing CD1??????????

    And are you a Republican? Your site says, “Brett Kokinadis is an entrepreneur and founder of New Mexico Democrats for Democracy.”

    And there’s no biography on you, other than that you’re an “entrepreneur.”

    Please fill me in.


    • Hi Debbie, sorry about that it seems there was a configuration error on the email account which has been fixed. I’m running as a Republican. I’ll have a bio up soon on the site and at I’ve been starting and investing companies since I’ve been 18 mostly in software and communication services for businesses. I have competed in Dubai at Gitex as one of the best global startups. I was also a speaker at Amazon Web Services Re:invent with a company I helped co-found here in NM.

      I am an openly gay, a walk away democrat and the founder of New Mexico Democrats for Democracy on Facebook that became a wild success in last year’s election. We focused on calling out candidates on their past actions, their platforms, or there lack thereof and received a lot of attacks because I spoke out against most of the candidate.

      When I switch to the Republican party, I announced to run in CD3, but there is another Republican candidate that I spoke with that has a great shot as a Hispanic male up north. At that point, I decided to take on Deb Haaland and support the WE not ME model for change in New Mexico.

      Since announcing I have had lunch with President Trump and have spoken with his Deputy Political Director Jim O’Connell. I know you want to know more, and I promise I will be publishing more as time progresses. My goal will be to talk about one platform item per week on the site and social media.

      You can follow me at

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