Congressional Candidate Brett Kokinadis vows to protect internet free speech while using the internet to provide New Mexicans a voice in his campaign

Today Kokinadis announced his position on protecting Internet free speech. “It doesn’t matter which side of the political debate you’re on, everyone has their first amendment right, and I will fight to protect it. With my hi-tech communication and software background, I’ll be the sole member of Congress that understands how the internet and big platforms work. There’s a huge risk when large platforms solely rely on artificial intelligence and algorithms to filter speech online. Censorship of speech doesn’t only impact your rights; it also has a financial impact for bloggers, small media outlets, etc.”, he said.
Kokinadis plans to put a focus on finding solutions with big tech companies such as Facebook and Google to protect everyone’s right to free speech while protecting private proprietary interests.
Kokinadis’ platform and his website focuses on a community first model by building County Advisory Boards (CABs) to identify local issues and potential solutions. Kokinadis also utilizes technologies to connect citizens in District 1 and across the state. His campaign website, , allows constituents to vote and comment on policies, suggest their ideas, and vote on issues submitted by the public.
Technology offers New Mexicans an opportunity to have a voice in my campaign, which will drive transformations in my policies and identify the hidden issues. Other campaigns will waste millions of dollars on printing, telemarketing, and mailings. Leveraging the internet offers a voice to constituents for pennies on the dollar.
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