Albuquerque, NM  — Brett Kokinadis, a Republican Candidate for New Mexico’s 1st Congressional District, today filed the required Declaration of Candidacy and qualifying signatures with the New Mexico Secretary of State to be eligible for the June primary election.
“The campaign has worked hard over the past ten days through the evolving circumstances of the Coronavirus preparations. It’s important New Mexicans have options this election cycle and even more critical for the Republican Party to have a dedicated candidate that can win an election.”, Kokinadis said.
The nation’s preparations for the Coronavirus have sent shockwaves through every industry, and political campaigns are not immune to the temporary disruptions. Kokinadis’ campaign plans to conduct online town halls and webinars to connect with New Mexicans.
“New Mexicans are concerned about crime, education, health care, economic sustainability, and recovery from impacts created by the Coronavirus. The silver lining of the Coronavirus slowdown is we now have time to work together to discuss the plans for the many issues facing New Mexico. As a businessman and entrepreneur for over 20 years, I have had to overcome new challenges in rapidly changing environments. We will face many new challenges and have a lot of work ahead of us.”, Kokinadis stated.
“Voters may not want to switch their party registration, but many Democrats are frustrated with tax & spend agendas that have left New Mexico with limited financial resources for unexpected situations such as plunging oil prices and public emergencies like COVID-19. In a district with only 28% registered Republicans, being a walkway Democrat, I am the only candidate running, which can defeat Deb Haaland. Being a former Democrat is a strength for the Republican Party and gives confidence to others to vote across party lines in the general election.”, Kokinadis said.

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