Protecting your 1st Amendment online

Protecting free speech online is a policy every American can stand behind.  As one of the only Candidates with a professional background on internet technologies and social media, I understand how these technologies work and how important it is to fight for transparency and equality for all voices on social media. It is critical for policies focused on the internet to mirror the First Amendment and protect free speech for all.


A public and transparent understanding of how social media networks and internet services restrict, remove or suspend speech online.

Community Policies

Provider guidelines are vague. Policies must present clear definitions of generic terms used for speech restrictions and transparently document when enforced. Platforms must provide recourse for content authors to request re-review against blocked or removed content.

Equal Enforcement

Service providers must demonstrate and ensure equal and non-bias applications of policies and the law.

1st Amendment

There's a big risk when large platforms solely rely on artificial intelligence and algorithms to filter speech online. Free speech doesn't only impact your rights; it also has a financial impact for bloggers, small media outlets and the like.

Reinstate Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality means individual freedom, not corporate control, on the Internet.

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