We know we have issues.

Now we need to elect real people to solve them.
I'm not a politician. I'm not an attorney. I'm a New Mexican and a small business owner. I want to fight for New Mexico in Congress.
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Socialism, Spending & Tax Cuts

Socialism has failed in every example. Brett believes we must cut government spending to reduce the $25 trillion national debt. Keeping taxes low for individuals, families and small businesses will always be in focus. Federal debt spending should be considered when it will enable growth in the GDP and enable our country to repay debt faster through strategic investments. Though it is a state pledge, Brett signed the Rio Grande Foundation Taxpayer Protection Project to support state legislative actions from the US Congress.

2nd Amendment & Red Flag Laws

The US Constitution is clear on our rights regarding firearms. Brett has recently attended the City of Albuquerque’s public hearings to stand up against Red Flag laws that lack legal, due process, and rejected by 28 of 33 counties in New Mexico. H.R.8 – the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019 is simply another feel-good gun law. The National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) does not require states to report criminal history or adjudicated mental health court cases and thus is rendered incomplete. 

Brett received the highest ‘AQ’ rating from the NRA and is an “A” rated candidate by Pro-Gun Women New Mexico.

Pro-life & Abortion Stance

Brett stands with President Trump to end late-term abortion. Life is a gift, and New Mexicans, regardless of party support ending late-term abortion. New Mexico is one of seven states that support abortion up to birth, which Brett believes is unethical and immoral.

New Mexico's Economy & Jobs

Congresswoman Deb Haaland hasn’t provided a plan of how Congress can help NM grow its economy. With 63 Opportunity Zones under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 designed to attract capital investment into economically distressed areas, New Mexico is prime to recruit new investment and businesses into our state. Building unity across NM’s Government Officials to attract new business and invest in NM through low-interest loans, agricultural incentives, and a New Mexico First model must be our priority. In Congress, Brett will fight for additional jobs at our national labs and bases, which contribute over a $4B impact to local economies. We must open New Mexico’s economy and allow small businesses to compete with big-box retailers during the Governor’s COVID-19 emergency orders.

Crime & Homelessness

Securing resources for law enforcement, training, and implementation oversight is needed to fight New Mexico’s crime rate and is critical to the safety and prosperity of our communities. To tackle crime in New Mexico, we must focus on several root causes, including illegal immigration, justice reform, homelessness, addiction, economic growth, and job creation. Crime and homelessness is an interconnected issue.

Education Reform

Brett supports providing school choice for parents, better preparing students to compete in a global economy, trade schools, and modernizing an outdated federal student aid system. Ending predatory lending for student loans is a responsible approach to ensuring more students are invested in their education while controlling the long-term costs of seeking higher education.

Public Lands

New Mexico Public Lands are treasured by hunters, fishermen, hikers, ranchers, equestrians, and outdoor enthusiasts. We must protect our most treasured lands for all New Mexicans, visitors and future generations to enjoy. While we must protect NM Public lands we must support the multiple use mandate.

Opioid Crisis

Suboxone and Methadone therapies are available in New Mexico; however, some programs are more successful than others. Funding is not always the complete answer to addressing problems. Brett has created an Opioid Crisis Advisory Board consisting of doctors, treatment facilities, therapists, and alternative medicine practitioners. To find real solutions to New Mexico’s problems, Brett believes in consulting the experts and implement solutions where results can be measured.


The VA must standardize its electronic medical records systems to ensure that veteran medical records from external providers are submitted before payments are released to ensure continuity of care. Brett’s committed to working for a VetFirst program to enable veterans a fast path to benefits they’ve earned, including healthcare, business startup services, and employer incentives for job training and payroll taxes that hire veterans.

Community Advisory Boards

As your next Congressional Representative in the House, Brett pledges to listen to you, the people through both face-to-face meetings, and through Community Advisory Boards. The purpose of community advisory boards is to discover the hidden issues, find the local experts, and bring resources to solutions for everyday problems that impact New Mexicans. To find real solutions, we must involve local experts and community voices.


Brett’s focused on lowering the cost of prescription drugs by working to reduce FDA approval costs, industry price gauging, and supporting free-market insurance systems. Supporting the free-markets will reduce healthcare costs and increase access through competition.

Internet Bill of Rights

Protecting free speech online is a policy every American can stand behind. It is critical for laws focused on Internet speech to mirror the First Amendment and protect free speech for all. Brett is the first candidate to call for an Internet Bill of Rights and one of the few future members that understand technology. Brett will work to ensure social media policies are transparent, equally enforced, are audible, and that free speech is protected online for all. Brett also supports reinstating net neutrality.

Read Brett’s Press Release on Internet Free Speech

Border Security

Brett support’s building the wall and protecting our borders through physical, technological, and human resources. Europe is a case study of the issues caused by uncontrolled migration. Unchecked immigration to the US would create economic, social, and cultural strains. New Mexicans demand we protect our borders. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the need and importance to have full control over our borders.

About Brett Kokinadis

Brett started his first business at the age of nineteen and continues to develop new technology-based companies in New Mexico, the US, and around the world. Managing a payroll, mentoring startups, and helping local entrepreneurs gives Brett a clear understanding of the difficulties we face in New Mexico as small business owners. Brett’s won several awards, including placing as one of the best global tech startups in Dubai, Amazon Re:invent Startup partner, and was a New Mexico’s NMSBA recipient.